Under The Sun Garden Centers

Under the Sun Job Description - CASHIER

Objective: To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while performing all required job functions. Create an excellent first and last impression of our company to all customers.

  1. Customer Service
    1. Actively seek out ways that the customer can be better served.
    2. Follow through on customer complaints/comments/compliments, acknowledging them and taking further action when needed.
    3. Greet customer in a timely and friendly manner according to Under the Sun standards.
    4. Anticipate customer needs and willingly assist the customer by opening the door, getting a tray/box/cart, carrying product to car, etc
    5. Possess and further develop effective listening and communications skills.
    6. Answer the telephone in a polite, enthusiastic manner according to Under the Sun standards. Listen to the caller and direct the call to the appropriate person.
  2. Cashier Duties
    1. Know all register functions and be able to perform these functions correctly and efficiently.
    2. Know and correctly be able to process all forms of payment according to policy. Be able to count and give correct change.
    3. Know all steps of opening and closing register procedures.
    4. Keep cash/wrap area clean, organized and stocked with all proper forms and documents including gift wrap, bags, boxes and all other supplies necessary to process sales.
    5. Know and correctly be able to process electronic Gift Cards and Garden Cards.
  3. Product Knowledge
    1. Responsible for learning the sun/shade and watering requirements for all plant products.
    2. Suggested selling skills (i.e. potting soil, mulch, etc.)
    3. Be aware of all current sales and/or promotions.
  4. Responsible for care and maintenance of all plant products (hard goods also, where applicable).
    1. Determine watering needs for all plant products and coordinate the watering schedule.
    2. Straighten and consolidate plant product, as needed, keeping displays full, neat and clean.
    3. Straighten, consolidate and dust gift area, as needed, keeping displays full, neat and clean (where applicable).
    4. Deadhead and maintain plants for best appearance.
    5. Water plants as directed.
  5. Assist in day-to-day store functions, including store maintenance and housekeeping. Complete daily tasks as assigned.

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